MiMi Red

Our first new brilliant is the world champion of early blooming! The Sundaville® MiMi Red. We’ve never seen a Mandevilla bloom earlier, which creates a total new market for Sundaville®. The earliest Red Sundaville® available on the market. Its compactness and earliness makes it particularly suitable for small pots like 9/10.5 or 12 cm that can be grown with or without a support. Therefore they are ready at the most ideal moment of your bedding plant sales. It can also give a nice plant in bigger pots, due to its very abundant and long lasting flowering. The medium size flowers have an intense classic red colour with a yellow heart and it has the highest level of garden performance. It’s a superior and exclusive gift product which will bring a big smile to consumers faces. Super early blooming Mandevilla which is perfectly suitable for small pots. Ideal for growers due to its high rate of return.